Get  reliable Way On “HOW To Proxy Setting In Mozilla Firefox”

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best options for browsing because it provides multiple results and advantages at under the one roof that's why it has become the world third largest used the web browser. It offers an excellent web security browser with rapid speed for downloading. It also prevents from viruses, phishing, and some major attacks but sometimes users are confused with Mozilla Firefox proxy setting and they search the best support for them so if you are one of them or you want to provide proxy setting in Mozilla Firefox so don’t go anywhere because Mozilla Firefox customer service team is available for you better demonstration and instant support. Apart of that, we are elaborating some easy steps for proxy setting in Mozilla Firefox for your satisfactions which are given below mention.

How to proxy setting in Mozilla Firefox?
Follow these steps.

  • Firstly, you have to open your Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then, click the "ICON" (mentioned upper-right corner of the Firefox window)
  • Here you have to click on "OPTIONS" tab. (That is present in drop down menu)
  • After then, click on "ADVANCED" button tab.
  • Now, you have to click on "NETWORK" tab in under the advanced page.
  • In the network section, you have to click on "SETTING" tab for connection establishment.
  • In setting, you will select "MANUAL PROXY CONFIGURATION" circle.
  • Here you have to enter your proxy information like as HTTP proxy and Port number.
  • After putting the proxy information, you have to tick on "USE THIS PROXY SERVER FOR ALL PROTOCOLS" box.
  • Finally, click on "OK" tab.
  • Now, you will save your proxy setting.

If you are not satisfied above mention steps or you can't able to set your Mozilla Firefox proxy setting so you may take instant support from our Mozilla Firefox customer service. Because they will provide you numerous benefits with very short period of time.

Why Call Mozilla Firefox Customer Service?

  • Instant support with the best possible demonstration.
  • 24x7 phone support available only for your satisfaction.
  • Highly talented and experienced customer support service
  • Online Live Chat support & Remote support
  • Email support

How to fix Juno email not working on iPhone

Juno is one of the free email service providers in United States. It can be accessed via webmail to communicate with each other. You can create an email account with Juno totally free and use it for life time. It also offers super-fast internet services in parts of US.

Juno email not working on iPhone

iPhone is most popular smart phone used in US. So people use their iPhone for accessing Juno email service. iPhone users need premium account to use Juno email service. The first thing to use Juno on iPhone is to setup Juno account on iPhone. You need to call Juno technical support number for getting help for setting up the Juno account.

  • Tap SettingsàMail, Contacts and Calendars.
  • Tap Add Accountà Other.
  • Tap Add Mail Account.
  • Enter your name, email id and password in the respective fields and then tap “Next”.
  • Enter “” in incoming mail server field and “” in outgoing mail server field and then tap “Next”.
  • Enter your Juno ID in Incoming Mail Server User Name and account password in the Password field.
  • Select “Mail” from the following menu and then click “Save” to save your changes and return to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” menu.
  • In the advanced tab, go to Incoming Settings option and enter 995 in the “Server Port” field.
  • Save the settings. You are done to receive mails from Juno.





Call Air Canada Reservations Number to Remove Your Flight Booking Glitches

Being one of the largest Airlines, Air Canada serves its flight services to a large number of domestic as well as international destinations to the globetrotters. It has a world class fleet of Air planes which are equipped with all sort of amenities or facilities for the travellers. There are many Air Canada flights on sale which the travellers can book which would reduce the ticket price to a considerable level. Booking an online ticket in Air Canada Airlines is really easy as you only need to know the actual booking process to perform this task. If they do not know how to book a ticket, then use the following instructions:-

  • First visit Air Canada site
  • Now you can choose multi-city, one-way or round-trip according to your requirement
  • After that the flyers are required to fill the departure city to the destination city
  • Once you have filled this information, then fill the departure and return date
  • After that fill the details of the passengers and then enter the promotion code if you have any
  • Now click on Find
  • Once you have found your desired flight, then all you need to do is to follow the further guidelines to book your ticket

If you have understood this procedure, then you can easily go for booking your Air Canada flight ticket anytime. However if you are not able to apply these instructions, then all you need to do is to call Air Canada reservations number instantly.

Get to know about reasons for Apple watches not getting charged and its solutions

Apple watches, now a days have become a style icon for many people who are utilizing it. These watches have made a boon in the market and people are demanding it more and more. But on the other hand people are complaining that their Apple watches are not getting charged and sometimes are not even turning on.

This issue of Apple watches have become common and people are facing it tremendously. Reasons for this issue are many. Some of the reasons as to why Apple watches are not getting charged are as followed :

  • issues in the battery of the Apple watch.
  • Issues in the Apple watch charger.
  • Various issues in the Apple watch itself.

Besides, there are many more reasons for occurring of this issue that are yet to be mentioned. So, if anytime this issue occurs the users don’t need to worry as there are many troubleshooting steps available for its solution.

Mentioned below are the steps for solving this issue !

  • First of all the users are required to put the back of the Apple watch on its charger.
  • Then allow the watch to get restart.
  • Now the users need to press and select the both side button and also should select the digital crown for about few seconds.
  • This should be hold till the Apple logo displays.
  • Users can also try for any different charger cable

Therefore, for more information on these steps simply contact the Apple Tech Support and talk with the concerned representatives of Apple who are available. The technicians can be contacted at any time of the day.

Reset WordPress password in different ways

You can change your WordPress account password in multiple ways. However, you have to select the way depending on the situation at that moment. If you know the existing password and just want to change it for security reason, you can do so from the dashboard. On the other hand, if you have forgotten the existing password you have to reset it through email. You can always call WordPress technical support to get instant help in choosing the correct way of resetting the password.

Changing password from dashboard

After signing in to WordPress you have to follow the path User > Edit > Update Profile. Here, you can change the password.

Resetting password via email

After accessing WordPress portal follow the path Lost your password > provide a username or email > Get new password. A link will be sent to your email id. Clicking the link, you will be able to change the password.

Resetting password through PHP My Admin

Follow the path: Log in to CPanel > databases > PHP My admin. Here, you need to click on your WordPress database. Now, access wp_users table > Edit > User_pass. Here, paste your new password and then select MD5. At last Click on Go.

Resetting password via FTP

The steps involved are as follows:


  • · Login to your website via FTP and access functions.php file related to your themes.
  • · On the 2nd line type: wp_set_password('abc','xyz'); here “abc” is the password and “xyz” is the user admin.
  • · Now, upload this functions.php file.
  • · Login and access the dashboard with this temporary password and change the password from the dashboard.
  • · Remove the above mentioned 2nd line from functions.php and upload it once again.


Resetting by using emergency password reset script

The steps involved are as follows:

  • · Copy the “emergency password reset script” and save it in emergency.php
  • · Now access the script from your web browser.
  • · Enter WordPress admin username and new password.
  • · Click “update” option.
  • · Delete the emergency.php from your server.

How to change Centurylink email address?

Put your attention to look over the summary & solution of Centurylink:
An american telecommunication industry CenturyLink involved in serving with data services for individual, private as well as government organization. There are millions of users spreaded in around 36 states and headquartered in Louisiana. There might be few glitches which are definitely unconditional can be faced by users. CenturyLink webmail services are integrated by many technical coding and concepts. Therefore meanwhile any failure people ask for the support instantly. If you being a user wish to solve any complication then just contact centurylink technical support 24 by 7 round the clock. We are one of the best technical source where any customer can call an grab the better range of solution. The main advantages of our services for which people used to choose us all the time are in time problem solving skill. As we get the query, we try to resolve them as soon as possible without keeping them in pending. Techies who are working in our organization have in-depth knowledge in solving problems.

How to change my centurylink email address?:

  • To setup any change in the email account login into the CenturyLink homepage first of all.
  • Now you have to choose My Account menu in the top navigation & select the Email Setting option.
  • Here you will see the new browser opened.
  • Once the page is loaded then select the + button in order to expand the Add a New User section.
  • Complete the Add a New User from fields.
  • The Username field will become the new email address. Here you can add new user.
  • When you are finished with the completion of all then save the information by choosing Add User button.
  • Now in the next step hit the Add and Email Account button.
  • Enter a new username and password for the new account and hit the Save button.

Connect D-link Router to Internet with Quick help

DLink –offers the range of routers that help us to meet our day to day needs at individual level as well as at business level, with the help of the new technology through WI-FI one can experience the uninterrupted video watching and so forth. At times one can face the problem to connect the router to the internet let’s see how to overcome the same.

Connecting the D-link router to the internet- if you have connecting the same router in the past and the connection is list please take the following steps and can also take the extended help from the D- Link router technical support.

  • Reboot the cable and the router; however you have to follow the same order.
  • Turn it off.
  • Ensure that all the connections are intact.
  • . Wait for couple of seconds and then the router on.
  • Reconnect the cable modem.
  • Made sure that the WAN connection is shown on the other hand the modem should ensure that the modem has all the connections.
  • This is help you to connect the router to the internet.

If the problem persists, the user can go on the D-link router website as soon the user is there it will ask you to select the product , after this then it will show you the option frequently asked questions , if the concern is not answered then the user can click o contact you , the user can choose from the contact through Email or Call one can choose as per the convenience.