How to change Shaw email password

If you would like to change your Shaw email account password for that you have to “login” to your Shaw email by using the email ID and password so that you can access to the “Email and Web -space” menu through “My profile” in your email account. In order to change Shaw email password you have to registered your account to access into the “My profile” from where you may go to the settings to change your password clearly.

Shaw email account allows you to view your bills online, manage your account and access to the Shaw email features and more. My profile is used to modify your payment and access to the printer friendly version of your bill. If you want to register Shaw email account you must have account number that would be found on the top of your bill.

Follow the steps to change your password accordingly:

  • First of all “Login” your Shaw email account by using the correct email ID and password.
  • Go to the “My account settings” and click on forgot user name or password.
  • In order to reset or change username and password you will need to provide your account number, postal code and mobile number.
  • Click on the “Password change” and type your old password.
  • Enter your account number or mobile number and then enter your new password.
  • Renter your new password to confirm it at end of the process.    

For more necessary help you can contact us on our Shaw technical support department in order to get around from the diverse issues.