Make your online communications safer by resetting Belkin Router password

It's a good idea to set a password to install the router so that your online communications remains safer. If you've lost your manual password and you want to reset your current password or create one for the first time, you can do it online. If you have an existing password, you'll need to reset the password.

Majority of the customers don’t know how to reset Belkin Router’s password. So they can get online support from Belkin tech support website. Or the customers are requested to contact to a third party Belkin Router Customer support service provider. You will get the reliable and quick technical help from there.

Here we are suggesting you quick steps to reset password of Belkin Router. Follow the below given steps: 

  1. Open your Internet browser. Type with "http" in the bar of navigation on the top of the browser window and press "Enter". This will direct you to a web site router configuration utility.
  2. In the upper right part of the page, click on "Login". If you have already set a password for Belkin Router, enter it now and click "Send".
  3. On the left side of the page, select "System Configuration" option in "Utilities".
  4. Enter your current password if you've created one. If not, leave the text box "Current Password" blank. Enter the new password in the text box "New Password". Please retype your new password in the text box "Confirm password".
  5. Click "Apply Changes" to restart the router password.

After following the above given steps you can successfully reset your Belkin Router password easily and can make your online communications safe and secure. If these steps are helpful for you then contact to Belkin Router technical support service provider without any delay.