MSN Chat-- A Powerful Instant Messaging Tool

MSN Chat is a very powerful internet chat tool which can be used to send a large variety of files-Text, Audio-Video Files, Word Files, Spreadsheets, Presentations directly from one user to the other using the internet.

Regular users may feel the need to obtain their chat recording from their past archives for a variety of reasons. The full steps to retrieve MSN Chat History is given below: -

  1. Launch Windows Live Messenger.
  2. From the Menu Bar click on the top of the Window. Once the file menu opens then click “View Message History” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the “Contact” whose chat history you wish to view.
  4. Click on “OK” to Open the Chat Log.
  5. In the next Window which opens up, select the chat log in case it happens to be an ongoing chat.
  6. Another common requirement for many is to search for specific phrases/words within a given chat. This too can be done by clicking on the “Search” at the top of the Window and typing the desired Word or phrase which is being searched for.

To make the usage experience all the more fulfilling, MSN has developed the MSN Technical Support service to ensure all our users are able to get all their grievances settled in the best possible manner.

The MSN Technical Support can be reached on multiple channels like E-Mail, Telephone, Online Chat and Technical Forum.