Get Solution To One of the Most Asked Issues Of Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a software package that is used to maintain your financial account. It is used by small or medium sized business for various purposes related to account management

Services offered by Quickbooks

  • It helps in bookkeeping
  • It helps in handling Payroll
  • Helps in solving the Quickbooks setup issues
  • Helps in Tax and Financial Planning

If you are using Quickbooks  these are the issues which you are encountered with

Profit and Loss report are displaying incorrect figures and having not full details

Spending lots of time in collecting data in spreadsheet and try to find the errors during the use of Quickbooks

Bookkeepers displaying message that it is not able to perform the action with Quickbooks

Not able to connect to the bank.

Problem in merging one Quickbooks file to another

Here we will discuss one of the most asked  issues which always faces by the customers

Problem in merging one Quickbooks file to another

To fix this problem we need to follow some easy steps

First start the Quickbooks application

Open the first Quickbooks file which you want to merge.

Click on the option”Reports”

Go to the  option”Combine Reports from Multiple companies”

Click on the option “Add files” and then locate the second file you want to merge

Then open the second file and click on the option”open”

From the section “Select Reports for combining” select the report

Enter “From” and “To” datas.

According to your preference select the report basis.

After that click on the option “Combined report in Excel”

You would be able to see the report in your spreadsheet.


Quickbooks technical support service

If you facing any kind of difficulties regarding any issue related to Quickbooks you can directly reach our Quickbooks technical support team.They will solve all queries related to the Quickbooks service.The technical team is highly efficient and available in you service 24/7*365 days.You can reach our customer care through Quickbooks Technical Support number.