5 Easy steps to close Hotmail account permanently!

Under certain situations, circumstances and conditions, few of the hotmail users largely decide to permanently close their hotmail account. The reason for closing the hotmail account may be of personal and professional nature. It is very important that you have closed the account with lot of perfection that it isn’t active anymore. You should also verify that it has been closed in such a way that your previous hotmail account can’t be used by others. This activity also ensures that you data, personal details and information are safe and secure in all aspects.
Here are the steps related to how to close hotmail account permanently?

  • Just go to Hotmail's home page.
  • Log in to your Hotmail account in a successful manner. 
  • Rightly type in your user name and password Click "Sign In."Press on your account name
  • Then click "Account Settings".Select "Close account." Indulge in verify your identity. 
  • Press "Deactivate your Hotmail account."Click "Deactivate account."

With lot of perfection You are done with the complete process now. It is to be noted that users of hotmail sometimes face minor and major issues under certain conditions, situations and circumstances. Most of the issues are of minor nature that can be solved by the user themselves by strictly following the help menu. Sometimes, the issue may be of serious nature that needs the assistance and support of technical staffs of hotmail.

Common issues faced by hotmail users are:

  • Issues concerning to password recovery.
  • Issues concerning to password reset.
  • Issues concerning to Email configuration.
  • Issues concerning to set up of Hotmail account.

In these situations, you can contact the Hotmail Tech Support and take the assistance and support by speaking to them through Hotmail technical support phone number. You calls are attended by well-trained and vast experienced hotmail technicians, staffs and executives. They are in-housed trained to deal with hotmail new and old users in the open market. They give latest update concerning hotmail. They clarify the doubts of users. They also answer to user’s queries in a proper manner. They are known in the open market for their friendly nature. They give respect to users and listen to their complaints, grievances and feedbacks.