Get Complete Guide On How Mail Merge in Gmail With Excel

Why does not use the Mail Merge in Gmail? There are various person’s who are using Mail Merge in Gmail and can easily send a personalized email message to multiple contacts in one go. It’s a very useful feature provided by Gmail, for instance, if you are organizing an event at your home, then you can send personalized email invitations to all your friends, be its official or a personal, along with mail merge. This time, business owners also using this feature, like to inform the clients regarding upcoming deals & offers, Marketing products by email, whereas Marketing and Sales teams also using this feature for drop campaigns. Therefore, Mail Merge features are helpful everyone, whether School place, Business organization, Sales & Marketing company and other places.

How to Mail Merge in Gmail with Excel?

Please follow the below simple steps.

  1. First, install the Mail Merge for Gmail add-on, and then it will create a new Google Spreadsheet.

  2. Then go to the “Add-ons” menu on the sheet, and then pick “Mail Merge with Attachments”, then choose “Create Merge Template” menu.

  3. Now go to Gmail by entering login credentials, then click on “Contacts” and then create a "New Group” with entire the contacts which you require to send a personalized email. Also, you can type the “Names” & “Email addresses” of receipts directly in the Mail Merge Google Sheet.

  4. Go to “Mail Merge” menu, and pick “Import Google Contacts” and then “ Google Contacts group” which you created above. After, it will automatically import all related Gmail contacts into the spreadsheet.

  5. In the Gmail, create a new draft email which will become the template for Mail merge or you can also compose a new mail in rich text format using the “HTML Mail” tool and then copy & paste the generated HTML code into the message body field of the Google Sheet.

  6. If you wish to add unique file attachments for your message, then just tell PDF file or a word document, to upload the file to Google Drive, and right-click a file and choose “Insert File Attachments” in order to insert that link of the file in the Mail merge sheet.

  7. Then mail Merge will automatically insert the actual file into the email.

  8. In the Mail Merge menu again, pick “Configure Mail Merge”, the status column will change to “MAIL SENT” for entire email messages that were successfully delivered.

If users have still confused or problem to follow-up the above steps, then users could connect with the Gmail tech support team to get ultimate support and guidance to fix this issue. Hence, proficient technicians are available 24x7 for help