What Are The MSN Issues And Technical Solution For Them

MSN is the only platform that could be used as the portal,mail application including the messenger app of it.It’s features are smooth and quite easy for the users to access because they have been designed in the user- friendly manner.As it has been considered as the error free mail application but may there would be occasions when the users get difficulty in solving the specific problem on their own.To handle such situations, the technical team for MSN has been appointed  that works through overnight to come up with unique solution that would be out of the world and could help in the avoidence of the future problems.


What are the different MSN problems that needs to be solved through the MSN tech support team?


  • Why MSN is not compatible through the windows 8 operating software?
  • Why the password for my Msn account has been stopped to work?
  • Why the mail account page is not responding?
  • How may I uninstall the messenger app of MSN?
  • How may I get the updated version for MSN?
  • Why it difficult for me to open the mails?


Number of problems are there that has been solved through the effort of the technical team in which users may see the solution for one of them:


What is the msn email pop3 settings?

Account Type:POP

Description for the account:MSN

For incoming mail server-pop3.live.com  

Pop3 password for the MSN account: Password for the msn account

Pop3 port for the MSN account: 995


If the users wouldn’t be satisfied through the solution of the above given problem and even wants the solution for some other bugs,they are required to do the instant connection through the MSN tech support that are quite impressive in providing the absolute and accurate solution for the bugs.