AVG Antivirus Tech Support for Real Security Reasons

AVG AntiVirus is a useful antivirus software who offers a wide range of antivirus services to different operating systems including Windows, Mac and any other iOS and protect and guard the system from worms, Trojans, viruses, rootkits and other spyware while browsing online or going through emails. However, in comparison to the earlier versions, it has improved the latest version and made it quickest and fastest scanning engine which is powerful and also updates regularly. As a result the usage of the internet increases and also increase the usage of the AVG antivirus. Moreover, AVG AntiVirus also includes LinkScanner, which helps the users to assess the safety of any website that they wish to visit along with the social networks including Facebook or Twitter.

Configuration of AVG Antivirus

 Configuring the AVG Antivirus is a very common issue that the users face and thus they need to contact the AVG antivirus technical support team to resolve the issue with the help of their expert assistance. The user fist need to

  • Scan files upon closing them either automatically or manually. To enable the option he or she needs to double-click the AVG icon and then click on the Options menu followed by Advanced Settings
  • Then Expand the Computer Protection section to Antivirus and check the ‘Scan files on close’ check-box
  • Finally click on Apply and then OK


Server Settings

For email scanning to work the user have to set AVG antivirus software as a middleman between the email program and the provider. The user need to

  • Set up AVG antivirus software with the proper server options which includes POP3, SMTP, and IMAP
  • Then in the email program he or she have to set up the AVG antivirus email server and do not allow the provider directly
  • You can find details of how to do this on the AVG help page.

Reinstalling AVG Antivirus

The users need to note that reinstallation of AVG antivirus results to the removal of the previous antivirus and then installing the newer version of the same. The reinstallation of AVG antivirus might need the upgradation of the operating system to support it. So with the help and assistance of the AVG antivirus technical support, the user fist need to

  • Uninstall the existed AVG antivirus
  • Then upgrade the operating system if required
  • Then visit the AVG Antivirus website and download the software
  • Then click the “Terms & Conditions” and activate it
  • To Activate the user need to enter the license information and proceed