Icloud account is one of the account that you have to use if you are using any of the apple device like if you are using the iphone or the ipad then you have to first of all create the icloud account then only you will be able to do the further set up of the device. So it is the official account that is created so that it could help on the management of various kind of services by the apple inc. In order to gain the further information about the icoud, user can contact the icloud technical support. By doing so the users will get all the required information and that too in no time.

The simple steps to create the icloud account involves opening the device followed by going to the settings option. And then as you tap on the add account option you will be able to enter some required information and you will be able to set the account. Here you will also have to enter a valid email address as a secured password and you will be able to login to the account for the further things.

Now just in case you want to bypass the icloud connection then you have to follow the simple steps that you can know by contacting the icloud techincal support. The simple steps are as follows:-

  • there are a number of ways to do so like you can do it with the help of DNS server.
  • So for that you just need to enter the new DNS server followed by tapping on the back option.
  • After that you have to tap on the done button and then on the activation help.
  • As you follow the steps written above then you will simply get a message saying that you are connected to the server.
  • Then you have to tap on the menu button followed by selecting the particular application and you are done.

In case of any query you are always free to contact the iCloud support phone number.