Obtain immediate assistance to fix the issue of Kindle not charging by contacting Kindle Technical Support

There are a number of reasons because of which Kindle is not charging. Listed below are the reasons and solution to resolve each problem. If the users get stuck in any step, then the users may contact Kindle Technical Support for assistance.

1.Kindle gets Stuck When Charging:
It may happen that the mobile gets stuck while charging due to which the users may face issues occasionally.

How to fix it: The users may plug out and in or press and release the power button. The users may restart kindle if this doesnt work.

2.Kindle Battery Too Low To Power On:
The users may be using the device frequently using. The battery might be too low to power on. The presence of low battery information may cause Kindle to not to get open.
How to fix it: the users may long press the power button 30 seconds then release and plug in a computer or a charger immediately. After this the users may leave it alone and after a few hours later the user may see that Kindle is charging again.

3.Kindle Critical Battery Error:

While using Kindle for a long time or lack of use the battery gets empty and the screen may show Kindle critical battery error message such as “Critical Battery. The users may see that the battery is empty.

How to fix it: the users may plug Kindle into computer or adapter.

4.Kindle Battery Dead

If the user has not used kindle for a long time , then the battery may get dead. The users may not let battery to run down.

How to fix it: the users may plug Kindle in to charge and then leave it alone. During charging the users should not use the device.