Get best assistance to fix the issue of not responding and ways to deactivate Google Account temporarily

Ways by which the users may fix the issue of not responding:

The ways by which the users may fix the issue of not responding can be easily resolved by following the steps listed below:

  • Checking the internet Connection- The users need to check their internet connection. The internet connection should be fast in order to resolve the issue of not working.
  • Wifi restrictions: Due to the presence of Wifi restrictions, the users may face the issue of is not responding.The users must check the wifi restrictions.
  • Gmail Applications:The users should also remove their gmail application from their iphone device and should again set it up with the correct IMAP settings so as to fix the issue of Gmail applications.
  • Wrong Configuration Details: At times, the details of the configuration details are incorrectly entered due to which the users may face the issue. The users must check on these settings.
  • IMAP Server settings: The users must see and check that proper IMAP server settings are entered so that the users do not face the issue of not working.

Therefore, these above mentioned steps can assist the users in fixing the issue of not working. The above steps will help the users to resolve the issues. If some problem arises, then the users may contact the experienced technical experts for fixing the issues instantly.

Steps to deactivate the Google account:

  • The users may know how to deactivate google account temporarily by following these steps:
  • The user needs to sign in to their Google account.
  • Then the user needs to select the option of Edit settings.
  • The users may then scroll down to the bottom of the "Account Basics" section and then click on the option stating Deactivate Account.
  • Thereafter, the users need to click on the Deactivate my account option.

The above listed steps will assist the users in knowing how to deactivate Google account temporarily.