How To Enable Cookies In Apple Safari

Cookies simply save the information about the web sites user had visited and save that information on the server. Cookies are enabled so that server can instantly identify the user , the IP address and all the details of site visiting. Apple safari is the browser for all the apple devices and it also helps in managing the cookies from different web sites. By default , it stores the cookies fromthe web sites that user visited and warn the user about accessing the suspicious web sites. User can enable or disable the cookies according to his choice. So here is the method , discussed to enable the cookies in Apple Safari.

  • Go to Safari, then click on Preferences and then click on Privacy.
  • Now among the various options, user can do few things to manage the cookies.
  • Select the cookies and the website data option and provide the details of the web sites which user wants to save cookies.
  • Safari doesn't allow to save the cookies from advertisers or third party web sites so choose the option Always Block for those websites.
  • If you select the option for Allow All then , even the advertisers and third party web site cookies will also get saved.
  • User can also set the time for how often he should be asked to save the cookies.
  • Also, Safari can ask the user to allow the websites to keep track of user's browsing or not.

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