Reset WordPress password in different ways

You can change your WordPress account password in multiple ways. However, you have to select the way depending on the situation at that moment. If you know the existing password and just want to change it for security reason, you can do so from the dashboard. On the other hand, if you have forgotten the existing password you have to reset it through email. You can always call WordPress technical support to get instant help in choosing the correct way of resetting the password.

Changing password from dashboard

After signing in to WordPress you have to follow the path User > Edit > Update Profile. Here, you can change the password.

Resetting password via email

After accessing WordPress portal follow the path Lost your password > provide a username or email > Get new password. A link will be sent to your email id. Clicking the link, you will be able to change the password.

Resetting password through PHP My Admin

Follow the path: Log in to CPanel > databases > PHP My admin. Here, you need to click on your WordPress database. Now, access wp_users table > Edit > User_pass. Here, paste your new password and then select MD5. At last Click on Go.

Resetting password via FTP

The steps involved are as follows:


  • · Login to your website via FTP and access functions.php file related to your themes.
  • · On the 2nd line type: wp_set_password('abc','xyz'); here “abc” is the password and “xyz” is the user admin.
  • · Now, upload this functions.php file.
  • · Login and access the dashboard with this temporary password and change the password from the dashboard.
  • · Remove the above mentioned 2nd line from functions.php and upload it once again.


Resetting by using emergency password reset script

The steps involved are as follows:

  • · Copy the “emergency password reset script” and save it in emergency.php
  • · Now access the script from your web browser.
  • · Enter WordPress admin username and new password.
  • · Click “update” option.
  • · Delete the emergency.php from your server.