Get Efficient Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Services through Expert Engineers

There are a number of ads and pop-ups which appear out of sudden on your web page. These ads let the websites to load automatically. In this way, they create a nuisance for a number of Mozilla Firefox users. Many of you have tried to remove these ads but to no avail. Now you can remove these ads with the help of following simple steps:-

  • Click Firefox menu and choose Options
  • Click on Content tab near the Options window
  • Enable Block Pop Up Windows
  • Click on the Exceptions to add any website in order to display the Pop ups. Type in the URL of the site in the field Address of Web Site and then click on Allow.
  • Now click on Close and then OK for saving the changes

With the help of the above mentioned steps, you can easily remove all the ads displayed in your Mozilla Firefox browser. However if you are not successful in removing your ads this way, then you can get Mozilla Firefox technical support services any-time you need them. You only need to explain your issues to the expert tech support officers who then extend quick support to you against your difficulties. You can easily access their services just by dialing our tech support phone number. Hence if you intend to remove your ads from Mozilla Firefox browser, then the best thing would be to get our instant support by calling our Mozilla Firefox technical support toll free number straight-away.