McAfee Antivirus-What To Do When It Would Not Open

McAfee antivirus has been called as the eligible and predominant antivirus software that helps the users with proper cleaning of the computer system including the others that are currently accessed.As comparison to other antivirus software it works more smoothly and conveniently.But there could be certain problem that will  disturb the users and they would not be able to overcome the problem on their own.For the recovery of such situations,users are required to do instant connection through the customer care team that is always ready to assist the users in different ways.

What is the process to recover when McAfee antivirus software wouldn’t open?
To solve this issue users may follow the below given guidelines that has been suggested through the McAfee antivirus technical support team:  

Need to run McAfee removal tool

First the users required to download removal tool from internet.

It is now required to click “Yes” for receiving security alerts.

Users are now required to click over the “Save” option for locating the file on system

It is now need to ensure that all the applications are closed.

The agreement should be read and button for “Ok” need to be choosed
It is now required to restart the computer to see if the issue has been fixed or not


Reinstall for McAfee antivirus needs to be done

Firstly users need to login on McAfee website.

It is now time to download the software link.

Users should not access internet for other sites once the process for installation would start

It is now time to allow the new software to be downloaded on system.

After the downloading process would get complete ,individuals would receive the message to replace old with new software

After the process would get complete in appropriate manner the icon for McAfee would appear on the screen