Dell Customer service solves all sorts of issues

Dell is a popular laptop brand marketing more than a dozen of laptops all over the world. Dell has a great many interesting features that help the users to work more proficiently.

Dell is presently marketing four different brands of laptops:

  • Dell Inspiron – It is sold under five different series, viz. Inspiron 3000, Inspiron 5000, Inspiron 7000, Ubuntu 3000, and 7000 Gaming series
  • Dell XPS – XPS has two categories, XPS 13 and XPS 15. XPS 13 is a nice portable laptop with all touch screen facility.
  • Dell Vastro – This brand is very popular among business people as it is sold in the market with some inbuilt business and financial software.
  • Dell Alienware – It is available in brands, Alienware 15 and Alienware 17. The laptops are built with carbon fiber making then very sturdy.

A specialized team of Dell Laptop customer service is available who takes care of any kinds of technical issues relating to Dell laptops. Some common issues with which the Dell users could contact the customer service are as follows:

  • Backup and data recovery
  • Problem in opening the laptop
  • Dell laptop battery and related issues
  • Problems related to the display unit
  • Technical support for Dell XPS 13
  • Problems related to Wi-Fi connection
  • Problems in the laptop sound system

Besides, users with innumerable other issues call at the Dell laptop technical support for instant help.

Some Dell users complain about a problem in the Wi-Fi connection, either the computer is not finding the Wi-Fi or the signal is going off from time to time. The possible solution to this problem is as follows:

  • The user needs to ensure that the wireless switch on his Dell computer is on.
  • The problem may be due to the poor Wi-Fi signal. In such case, the laptop is to be placed within 10n feet distance of the wireless router.
  • The problem may be due to synchronization issue. So, turning off all the devices including the laptop and then turning on may solve the issue.
  • The problem may be due to backdated driver. So the user may need to update the driver.

The customer service phone number remains open 24/7 and the most proficient technical executives are there to solve any Dell related issue instantly.