Many times when we are using Google Chrome, we see a notification “Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information.” Now, the thing that you might want to know is how to fix that. Here are some ways with which you can fix it. Read ahead for the solutions.

  • Fix Date and Time of the computer

The date and time set on your computer might be faulty and it can cause this error. You can fix the date and time by right clicking on the date and time section present at the bottom right corner on PC. Simply update the time and date.

  • Clear the browsing history

If there is plenty of browsing data, such error might occur. Fix the error by clicking the menu icon in Google Chrome browser and then selecting Settings. Now, click Show Advanced Settings and then go to the Privacy section. There, click the option Clear Browsing Data. Now, select that browsing history which you wish to delete and click the button Clear Browsing Data. For checking the problem persistence, restart the browser.

  • Change the settings of Antivirus Program

Sometimes, the problem is usually caused by the sensitive antivirus programs. If you are sure that the sites are free from virus, spam or malware about the sites that you are visiting, you can turn off the scan SSL so that the sites can be visited.

  • Open the browser in the incognito mode

Sometimes, the problem is because of some extension. Press Ctrl + Shift + N for opening the incognito window and open the website. If it opens fine, then the problem is with some extension. For solving this, go to menu in the browser and select Settings. Now, click extensions and check the one that is interfering with SSL connection. After you find it, uncheck the box that is present next to Enable.

If you are still facing the problem, you can simply contact Google Chrome customer service +1-888-315-9888 and get your problem solved.